The all new Strike card Game from the Company of
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Testimonials for the Strike Card Game

#1 My family and I have played the all new Strike card game and it was fun to play, each player was trying to test each other’s mind and strategy. I highly recommend the Strike card game as a very entertaining entity for all card game playing families to purchase and enjoy.
–Tammy Jenkins, Providence, RI

#2 One night we had a family gathering at my home my wife made coffee and we just sat around chatting, the party was getting a little dull out of nowhere some one suggested  lets play cards, my wife suggested why don’t we play this new card game I bought  called Strike. We sat down and played the game we had a most enjoyable evening when the game was over, everyone wanted to know where my wife bought the game. Then they all said, this game is the next game I am going to purchase for my family gatherings also for my friends as gifts.
–Bruce Holloway, Cranston, RI

#3 My daughter was having a birthday party for her 12 year old daughter, I saw the party was getting a little dreary after the cake cutting, and also my daughter was getting a little nervous so I suggested how about playing a new card game called Strike, the kids all agreed they loved the game and played for hours. I was happy to see that they were all having a good time so was my daughter and her daughter, thanks to the all new Strike Card Game
Paula J. Hogan, Seekonk, Mass.

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